Planning Ahead

When planning ahead, there are many things to think about. By doing so, you have an opportunity to take control of things now. Not only does it feel good, it is the responsible thing to do – for both you and your family.


Creating a well-thought out plan for you or a loved one takes only a little bit of time but has numerous benefits. Documenting your wishes ahead of time will give you the peace of mind knowing your wishes will be looked after and will be and appreciated by your family or executor when the

death occurs. Prepare a list of those individuals that should be contacted at the time of a death. This should be kept in an easily accessible location. Complete a list of family and friends that should be included in a newspaper announcement.

Arrange and Delegate

Providing thorough instruction is the first step in assisting the people you care about to take care of your affairs when you are unable to do so. By leaving clear information, you can feel comfortable that they will have the information they require to make well-informed decisions.

Why is it important to plan ahead and be prepared?

45% of deaths are sudden and unexpected leaving Executors and family to make difficult decisions at the worst possible time. Your family and Executor will be concerned with what “you” would have wanted but can no longer speak to you about it. Prepaying allows you to put aside funds to cover the cremation costs and means no one will have to pay more down the road no matter how much the costs increase.

Trust Our Professionals

With our free consultation services and pre-planning professionals, we’ll walk you through the details of advanced planning and help you understand your options. Our professionals can also give insight into the many options you have to fund your plan, allowing you to take control of cremation costs.

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